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Saturday, October 9, 2010


> im veryvery love my bOyfie. .
> hOpe oUr relation will last untill the end. .

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


<3 im promoting my b|og now. .
<3 ahahahax. .~~


~~im frEaking |On|y nOw ~~
ugh ~~
bOred. .

PMR !!

nhaaa. .
nExt is PMR !!
must bE ready !!
hOpe that i can past it !!
yeah !! i can dO it . . must study n work smart. .not study hard. .


You did the unthinkable; you invited them into your home, and they can return any time they so choose. The world around us is completely obsessed with the idea of the vampire; with such shows as Vampire Diaries and True Blood, two series that showcase hotties that arose from the dead, no wonder we are in the midst of the age of the creature that never dies. And to be completely honest, this craze is showing no signs of stopping.
If you were to poll people on the street as to what their favorite vampire show was, you would get completely different answers and for different reasons; you may hear what leading vampire is hottest and why or what love story is the best and for x-reason. No matter what conclusion you come to, people have their reasoning and that’s that.
Let us now tell you what your favorite competing vampire show says about you.
Vampire Diaries: You like change. Who doesn’t love a new generation of vampires that can walk among the humans in broad daylight while looking quite young for their true age? One more thing … you’re a bit kinky. Katherine had the Salvatore brothers wrapped around her pale pinkie like nobody’s business … after all, isn’t two better than one?
True Blood: You are a traditionalist, plain and simple. You don’t like to bend the rules, much like the producers don’t bend the rules on the way of the traditional vampire. A fan of this program is also quite pure, kind of like the love that Sookie and Bill share. All in all, you’re a bit bland to the taste but hell, no one’s perfect.
Where do you weigh in on the vampire saga scale?

im new here

hye there. .
im new here. .